Our Monastery Beer

The most popular beer produced by our brewery is the "Kloster- Urtrunk". The slow fermentation and maturing time of 80 days allows the beer to develop its aromatic and mild taste. It is either served freshly on the table in our brewery restaurant, or is bottled without being filtered. 

monastary beer "Irseer Kloster-Urtrunk" unfiltered beer speciality


original, mildly spice, matured for a period of 80 days

monk holding mug of "Irseer Kloster-Urdunkel" dark beer speciality


mildly malty aroma, soft to drink, matured for a period of 80 days

monastary beer "Irseer Kloster-Urweiße" wheat beer speciality


enhanced by the refinement in the bottle, or directly served from the "Urfass" 

If you prefer beer that is soft to drink, have a go at the mildly malty "Kloster-Urdunkel". The amber-coloured "Kloster-Starkbier" once had the purpose of stabilizing and nourishing the body within periods of fasting. Lovers of wheat beer most commonly enjoy the delicate taste of our "Kloster-Uweiße". 

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