Planning a Stress-Free Conference 

Innovative power and creativity, the ability to grasp and learn new ideas are all key requirements for a successful conference or seminar event. They are at their most dynamic when the atmosphere is right. The beautiful surroundings of Irsee, the welcoming premises with their comfortable vaulted ceilings, bright and well-equipped, and the excellent food: These are all factors ensuring the success of your event at Irsee Klosterbräu. Or plan your daily schedule individually. Assemble the elements you want from the range of activities and facilities we offer, to suit your needs. 

Klosterstudio conference room – Irseer KlosterbräuKlosterstudio
approx. 41 sq.m. for up to 14 pers.

Studio conference room – Irseer Klosterbräu

approx. 41 sq.m. for up to 14 pers.

Bräugewölbe conference room – Irseer Klosterbräu

approx. 180 sq.m. for up to 60 pers.

Comfortable Hotel Rooms, incl. Breakfast Buffet 

EZ Pater: from 69,- € /Night
EZ Abt: from 82,- € /Night
EZ Abt comfort: from 89,- € /Night
EZ Abt superior: from 102,- € /Night
EZ Abt superior extra: from 109,- € /Night

Included in the price: Classic sauna and steam bath, mineral water and applejuice available in the rooms, Wifi 

Please don't hesitate to contact us: 
Tel.  08341 - 43 22 00

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